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The Most Interesting Places to Visit in Halifax

halifax canada

Halifax, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada today, isn’t just a metropolis, it’s a paradise for all tourists too. The city has a rich maritime history.

Whether you would like to take a look around at the famous places, or just visit a restaurant and have fun spending your time playing in casinos, Halifax is there to offer you everything – just the way you imagined it to be. In fact, don’t waste your time with gambling – you can do this at home while visiting trusted play sources and online casino directories and if you arrived at the city – just enjoy your travel! Here are the best places you can plan to visit if you are going to Halifax.

Halifax Citadel National Historical Site

This is the place without which your visit to Halifax will remain incomplete. It bears testament to the strength of an 18th-century British fort. It is located on a hillside and you can reach it by a road and there are many excellent viewpoints along the way where you can catch breathtaking glimpses of the city, its harbor, little Georges island and the Angus L Macdonald Bridge.
It’s a great place to visit and is steeped in ancient history which you can learn about.

Peggy’s Cove

This is another popular tourist destination, located a few kilometers southwest of Halifax. It is a great bay, filled with colorful houses and even a lighthouse. It has a great atmosphere, one that is bound to linger with you even after you have left the place. A beautiful and unique place, well worth a quick visit from Halifax.

Peggy’s Cove

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Are you interested in the sea and the wonders it has in store for you? Then consider visiting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, whose displays are steps in maritime history.
There are photographs, boats, boat models, historic vessels and also records important historic events. This is the place to go to if you want to learn more about maritime history and know a little more about the mysteries of the sea and underwater life.

Point Pleasant Park

This is a great place to enjoy strolls, uninterrupted by the maze of vehicles. There are beautiful trees, winding paths, and wonderful scenic beauties to experience while you take a walk through this park. You will also be able to see many historic monuments such as The Prince of Wales Tower. This is located on the southernmost point of the city’s peninsula.

There are many other places to visit such as the Halifax public gardens and the Halifax waterfront where you can learn more of the city’s rich culture, heritage and modern life. Halifax is not only an important business center, but a beautiful tourist destination in Canada and if you love traveling to places steeped in history, a trip to Halifax should be present on your bucket list. You are bound to enjoy the richness it will offer.

If you are planning to visit Canada anytime soon, don’t forget to visit Halifax, the port city located in eastern Canada.