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What is happening in the city: latest news round-up

Halifax is the capital of Canadian Province of Nova Scotia. It is a wonderful city which has hundreds of tourist attractions. The city is highly regarded by the tourists from all over the world and tourism is the main source of income of many people of Halifax. When it comes to security it is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world to conduct business. It is for the same reason that the major government and private businesses have their headquarters situated in the city. The quality of life is awesome and the city has been managed in an awesome manner. The importance of the city can be regarded by the fact that it has been constantly voted among the top 10 cities to conduct business.

1. Weather alert for Halifax

Starting from Friday high humidity levels are expected for the Halifax Metropolitan area. This is from the combination of warm air and the high dew percentage in the city. A weather alert has been issued by the Environment Canada. It has also been predicted that the warmness of the weather is likely to increase this weekend. The residents of the Halifax are advised to take steps to counter the weather. It will make sure that the high temperature of 22 C on Monday does not affect them. Some precipitation can also be expected over the course of next week.

2. Cannabis regulation tightened

Smoking Cannabis was not considered a crime in Halifax until now. The Halifax City Council has taken the steps to make sure that it all changes. The Halifax Council has banned the public consumption of cannabis. Areas have been designated to make sure that the cannabis consumption is restricted to those areas. Following this ban now the council has taken a step ahead and therefore simple smoking has also been banned in municipal properties. The designated areas are the ones which can be used to smoke. It is also very important to note that additional budget has also been passed for the training of the law enforcement agencies in this regard.

3. Cultural hub on Halifax Waterfront

The Halifax Waterfront is a popular tourist attraction and therefore it is highly regarded by the people from all over the world. The best is yet to come. The Provincial Council has decided to make a Cultural Hub on the Waterfront. The visual art is something that has been inspired by this planning. The best part of the plan is to solidify the image of Nova Scotia as the leader in World Visual Arts. The current visual art hubs in the city are inefficient and require immediate cost-cutting. This is not possible without the location change.

4. Coastal protection legislation

The Halifax Coast is one of the best places to visit. Keeping this fact in view the local government has invited the general public to consult with on this matter. The best part of the legislation is that it will bring forth tons of ideas to protect the coast. These discussions will be held in groups comprising of different people from all walks of life.

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Events in Halifax worth considering

As an important economic center of Canada, Halifax has a lot to offer. It is also called Halifax Economic Center which further boosts its status. Halifax has a reputation of hosting various economic and entertainment related festivals. There are certain festivals in which the general public of Halifax can participate as they are free to join. Others are economic ones so limited in scope. It is also regarded as one of the best places to live in Canada. People from all over the world visit this stunning city and love to attend not only famous festivals but also gambling houses. Today, it is quite easy to drop in one of the trusted sources like ValleyGames advisor and select best online casino Canada, instead of looking for a gambling establishment. Various magazines throughout the year declare this city which contributes a lot to the Canadian economy. With a median income of about $54000, this city is also known for its beautiful terrain which attracts tourists from all over the world. Some important events in this regard are as follows:


1209 North Marginal Road, Halifax, NS, Canada

Regional tasting tours have never been as good as SOMO. It is actually a grouping of various food courts in Halifax which ensures that people from all over the Canada visit. From continental to regional delicacies the scrumptious taste is unforgettable. Though tickets are required for the entry they are not expensive at all. The best part is that online booking is also offered by various websites. The best part of this tour is Night Out at Quinpool which attracts a large number of people.

Lunar Tides presented by Nostos Dance Collectives

2203 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

People of Halifax love dancing and it is one of the events which boost this activity a lot. 5 top choreographers from Nova Scotia will take place in this event. The entry is only $15 per person and there is no online booking at all. In addition to dance, this event also holds the best theatre dramas to ensure that audience reach is increased. Another good thing about this event is that the people who love dancing can collaborate with similar ones present. The overall ambiance is cool and negates any idea of non-performance.

Amber Drift Design Lab & Workshop with Matthew Downey

2203 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

Though the location is same as Lunar Tides, the phenomenon is completely different. It is because this event is all about light. From equipment to its usage there are many things which participants can learn from his event. However, the seats are very limited and people getting first to the event will get the tickets. From theatre light to open space illumination Matthew will provide state of the art tips which can prove to be life changing.

Poster Art

The Coast 2309 Maynard Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

Poster art is a phenomenon which can be seen all over Halifax. Poster artists can get the best out of their dreams if this event is attended by them. For this event, the seats are limited because poster artists from all over Canada will be attending. Collaboration is the main idea of this event which makes sure that the knowledge is passed. People love hanging this art at their homes will also be there enjoying this exhibition cum workshop.

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Weekend in the capital of Nova Scotia

With the long summer weekend coming right at us and the list of places getting short with each trip, it is always interesting to see some new places and spots. However, new places don’t always guarantee interesting experiences until you have researched enough. So before heading out to serene or adventurous places, it is always advised to know a little about it beforehand.

One such place that you must definitely add to your bucket list of tours and travels is Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have already heard about Halifax.  The inventor city of benzene and some of the colossal ocean liners in history, it is as calm as enthralling.

Here is a list of places and fun events in Halifax that will convince you to visit the city of culture and heritage at least once (if not more!).

  1. Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo:

Inspired by Military Tattoos, this exciting program is also held by military bands annually. The event is held in the first week of July and lasts for a total of 10 days. The inclusion of civilian performances, such as drummers, pipers, etc makes the event more theatrical and bewitching. Participants from 20+ countries perform at the tattoo and are cheered by over 2,000,000 spectators.

  1. Halifax Waterfront Board:

With a spectacular view and colossal construction, Waterfront Board makes for a perfect destination for long walks and get-togethers. Stopping seems irresistible the minute you see farmers market and a magnificent view of incoming boats and ships. The waterfront has a lot of ice cream parlors, restaurants, cafes, etc along the boardwalk. You can get your friends and family a souvenir from one of the souvenir shops also.

  1. Alexander Kieth’s Brewery:

The famous Brewery of Alexander Kieth is one of the oldest commercial breweries in Canada and North of America. Kieth was a Scot who made a life out of brewing beer with different flavors. Founded in 1820, even today it stands still withholding its grounds in the province. In addition to rich flavors and taste for beer-enthusiasts, it also serves as tour guides providing you a tour around the city for one hour. Tours are open to tourists every day for the whole year, although in the months of November to May, you can get a tour guide only on weekends Friday to Sunday.

  1. Emera Oval:

Emera Oval offers everything that you need to relax on a stressful day! Situated in the heart of Halifax, it is one of the best places in the city for open air skating. The surface is smooth and flat, ideal for rollerblading. If you plan your trip around winters, do not forget to visit the Beaver Tails stand beside it.

  1. The people:

Last but not the least, Halifax citizens are the most affectionate and friendly people. The amiableness of “Haligonians” (or what the citizens of Halifax like to call themselves) will leave you feeling warm and with love. They are also excellent tour guides since they like to show off their homeland. After visiting the province, you will clearly get why North America regularly names Halifax residents as the friendliest people.

So book a ticket, pack your bags, and head on to one of the unique yet homely cities in Canada. And we promise you won’t regret this mesmerizing experience ever.

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Make The Best Of Canada 150 Celebrations In Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia can be aptly termed as the cultural hub of the Atlantic Provinces. Among various festivals and events celebrated here, each one has its own relevance to the province’s cultural heritage. Themes that include foods and fun, health and fitness, sports, podcasts and the like are a hit in Halifax. One such event that is held each year with a lot of enthusiasm is the Canada Day falling on July 1.

This year, however, is a special occasion as it marks the 150th anniversary of Canada. As such, a grandeur event will be held exclusively this year as Canada 150 celebrations. In lieu of this, celebrations will start as early as from June 21 till July 3. But the main highlight of the fest will be Canada 150 celebrations held on July 1 in Halifax. Let’s take a short tour at what the city will witness on the day of the event to convince you a little bit more that Halifax is your dream summer vacation destination.

From the Citadel National Historic Site to the Grand Pre-Natural Historic Site, every inch and spot of the city will be abuzz for the splendid countrywide celebrations on July 1. But the main highlight event is set up by Halifax Regional Municipality. Deadmau5, international electronic musician and the beloved Canadian DJ from Toronto, in association with Matt Mays, will be the key performer at the Canada Day celebrations in Halifax. The outdoor concert is free to everyone much to the joy and astonishment of the fans.

What’s more exciting is that he will bring along his CUBE 2.1, first time to Canada, to the main stage with himself. Local artist Matt Mays will enthrall the audience from hits from his new album and from Once Upon A Hell Of A Time.

In keeping up with the Deadmau5’s visit, the municipality is reinventing the stage design in the most revolutionary way till now.  More than 175 local as well as global artists are set to perform in the Emera Oval. It is to feature the FUSE festival attended by world renowned artists that are African, Latin, Iranian and from many other parts of the globe.

The fireworks-initialized celebrations will kick off at the afternoon and continue till the late evening. The traditional 21 gun salute will be more special than ever this year. There is everything for everybody irrespective of his age. To keep little munchkins engaged, Halifax is also planning to host the maximum number of activities for Children’s entertainment at one place. Whatever you do on the day, don’t miss out on the cutting of Canada 150 day cake by a military sword.

All in all, this July will start with a bang and rightly so. It is the occasion of the celebration of 150 magical years of Canadian history. What makes it even more anticipated is the city of fests that the event will be held in. Halifax will prove to be an excellent host and a captivating city to keep you entertained all through the day.

If you do not take full advantage of this rare and precious opportunity for once in a lifetime experience, who will?

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The Most Interesting Places to Visit in Halifax

Halifax, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada today, isn’t just a metropolis, it’s a paradise for all tourists too. The city has a rich maritime history

Whether you would like to take a look around at the famous places, or just visit a restaurant and have fun spending your time playing in casinos, Halifax is there to offer you everything – just the way you imagined it to be. In fact, don’t waste your time with gambling – you can do this at home while visiting trusted play sources and online casino directories and if you arrived at the city – just enjoy your travel! Here are the best places you can plan to visit if you are going to Halifax

Halifax Citadel National Historical Site

This is the place without which your visit to Halifax will remain incomplete. It bears testament to the strength of an 18th-century British fort. It is located on a hillside and you can reach it by a road and there are many excellent viewpoints along the way where you can catch breathtaking glimpses of the city, its harbor, little Georges island and the Angus L Macdonald Bridge.
It’s a great place to visit and is steeped in ancient history which you can learn about.

Peggy’s Cove

This is another popular tourist destination, located a few kilometers southwest of Halifax. It is a great bay, filled with colorful houses and even a lighthouse. It has a great atmosphere, one that is bound to linger with you even after you have left the place. A beautiful and unique place, well worth a quick visit from Halifax.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Are you interested in the sea and the wonders it has in store for you? Then consider visiting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, whose displays are steps in maritime history.
There are photographs, boats, boat models, historic vessels and also records important historic events. This is the place to go to if you want to learn more about maritime history and know a little more about the mysteries of the sea and underwater life.

Point Pleasant Park

This is a great place to enjoy strolls, uninterrupted by the maze of vehicles. There are beautiful trees, winding paths, and wonderful scenic beauties to experience while you take a walk through this park. You will also be able to see many historic monuments such as The Prince of Wales Tower. This is located on the southernmost point of the city’s peninsula.

There are many other places to visit such as the Halifax public gardens and the Halifax waterfront where you can learn more of the city’s rich culture, heritage and modern life. Halifax is not only an important business center, but a beautiful tourist destination in Canada and if you love traveling to places steeped in history, a trip to Halifax should be present on your bucket list. You are bound to enjoy the richness it will offer.

If you are planning to visit Canada anytime soon, don’t forget to visit Halifax, the port city located in eastern Canada.

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