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Where to get help with a gambling addiction in Halifax?

Although it can be a fun pastime, gambling can be overwhelming and you may feel that your habits are getting out of control. If the fun stops – stop. However, if you can’t stop by yourself maybe it is time to seek professional help. If you are living in Halifax, there are many services out there available that can help with your gambling addiction. Maybe it is for yourself or for a loved one.

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What is happening in the city: latest news round-up

Halifax is the capital of Canadian Province of Nova Scotia. It is a wonderful city which has hundreds of tourist attractions. The city is highly regarded by the tourists from all over the world and tourism is the main source of income of many people of Halifax. When it comes to security it is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world to conduct business. It is for the same reason that the major government and private businesses have their headquarters situated in the city. The quality of life is awesome and the city has been managed in an awesome manner. The importance of the city can be regarded by the fact that it has been constantly voted among the top 10 cities to conduct business. Continue reading “What is happening in the city: latest news round-up”

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Events in Halifax worth considering

As an important economic center of Canada, Halifax has a lot to offer. It is also called Halifax Economic Center which further boosts its status. Halifax has a reputation of hosting various economic and entertainment related festivals. There are certain festivals in which the general public of Halifax can participate as they are free to join. Others are economic ones so limited in scope. It is also regarded as one of the best places to live in Canada. Continue reading “Events in Halifax worth considering”

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Weekend in the capital of Nova Scotia

With the long summer weekend coming right at us and the list of places getting short with each trip, it is always interesting to see some new places and spots. However, new places don’t always guarantee interesting experiences until you have researched enough. So before heading out to serene or adventurous places, it is always advised to know a little about it beforehand. Continue reading “Weekend in the capital of Nova Scotia”

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Make The Best Of Canada 150 Celebrations In Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia can be aptly termed as the cultural hub of the Atlantic Provinces. Among various festivals and events celebrated here, each one has its own relevance to the province’s cultural heritage. Themes that include foods and fun, health and fitness, sports, podcasts and the like are a hit in Halifax. One such event that is held each year with a lot of enthusiasm is the Canada Day falling on July 1. Continue reading “Make The Best Of Canada 150 Celebrations In Halifax”