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Events in Halifax worth considering

Events in Halifax

As an important economic center of Canada, Halifax has a lot to offer. It is also called Halifax Economic Center which further boosts its status. Halifax has a reputation of hosting various economic and entertainment related festivals. There are certain festivals in which the general public of Halifax can participate as they are free to join. Others are economic ones so limited in scope. It is also regarded as one of the best places to live in Canada. People from all over the world visit this stunning city and love to attend not only famous festivals but also gambling houses. Today, it is quite easy to drop in one of the trusted sources like ValleyGames online casino advisor and select best online casino Canada, instead of looking for a gambling establishment. Various magazines throughout the year declare this city which contributes a lot to the Canadian economy. With a median income of about $54000, this city is also known for its beautiful terrain which attracts tourists from all over the world. Some important events in this regard are as follows:


1209 North Marginal Road, Halifax, NS, Canada

Regional tasting tours have never been as good as SOMO. It is actually a grouping of various food courts in Halifax which ensures that people from all over the Canada visit. From continental to regional delicacies the scrumptious taste is unforgettable. Though tickets are required for the entry they are not expensive at all. The best part is that online booking is also offered by various websites. The best part of this tour is Night Out at Quinpool which attracts a large number of people.

Lunar Tides presented by Nostos Dance Collectives

Lunar Tides presented by Nostos Dance Collectives

2203 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

People of Halifax love dancing and it is one of the events which boost this activity a lot. 5 top choreographers from Nova Scotia will take place in this event. The entry is only $15 per person and there is no online booking at all. In addition to dance, this event also holds the best theatre dramas to ensure that audience reach is increased. Another good thing about this event is that the people who love dancing can collaborate with similar ones present. The overall ambiance is cool and negates any idea of non-performance.

Amber Drift Design Lab & Workshop with Matthew Downey

2203 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

Though the location is same as Lunar Tides, the phenomenon is completely different. It is because this event is all about light. From equipment to its usage there are many things which participants can learn from his event. However, the seats are very limited and people getting first to the event will get the tickets. From theatre light to open space illumination Matthew will provide state of the art tips which can prove to be life changing.

Poster Art

Poster ArtThe Coast 2309 Maynard Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

Poster art is a phenomenon which can be seen all over Halifax. Poster artists can get the best out of their dreams if this event is attended by them. For this event, the seats are limited because poster artists from all over Canada will be attending. Collaboration is the main idea of this event which makes sure that the knowledge is passed. People love hanging this art at their homes will also be there enjoying this exhibition cum workshop.